So fall is settling in here in New Brunswick, NJ. So you know what that means, things start to slow down and get depressing. I don't mean that in an "Oh am so dark! There is nothing to live for" kind of way. Just the sun going down early. And the rain. And the gray skies. And the cold nights. It just kind of slows you down and makes it hard to motivate yourself to get up and do something.
Anyone who has ever booked a tour... you are awesome. This process is such a pain in the god damned butt. It is all worth it in the end but... ugh!! People not getting back to you is the most annoying thing. It will all work out but it just takes a lot of work and a lot of dead ends.
KingMike and I agreed to step things up tonight. I feel like Screaming Females is operating at about 40% There is so much more to pump out of this machine. Be ready for at least another 10% coming out of us in the next few shows.
Speaking of... Nov 14 at Lions Den. Streetwave Night. Check it out. Going to be a great show. 18 and up!
Keep your head up. Have a lovely day!
-Jarrett D

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