PO Box!

Hey, I got us a PO Box. That means you all can send us stuff now. See, I live in New Brunswick but I have lived in 4 different places in this town in 4 years. So if I gave out my house address that would most likely change in a year and then whatever loser moved into this place after me would get all my cool shit from my fans and enemies and whoever else. So here it is. Are you ready for this?!

Screaming Females
PO Box 1561
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-1561

School has started. I still don't talk to anyone ever. Sometimes I will go, like, 8 hours without saying a word that doesn't involve me raising my hand before it. Most definitely not as alive in a classroom as I am playing drums.
I don't know why I stay up when there is nothing to do and I know I should be sleeping. Maybe I just keep hoping that something will happen to make this day worthwhile. Everyone knows that the day doesn't end until you go to sleep.
Someone died in the basement of Demarest Hall yesterday (or at least thats when they found him). There aren't any details but people think it was a suicide. No one knew the kid. A total ghost. I was wondering how they found him. He had a single so I hear. I could have been laying dead for a week or more in my room freshman year (if I had a single) before someone would have broken the door down. Or maybe he left it unlocked. I guess there is no reason to lock that one up at night.
Sorry about the depressing stuff. I didn't mean it to sound that way.
Send us stuff. It will let me know that YOU are out there. No need to put a name on it if you don't feel like it.
-Jarrett D


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your show the other night. I really enjoyed reading your tour stories. I've been a big fan of ben snakepit's comics ever since I first ran across them in razorcake magazine.


Anonymous said...

According to my sister (who lives in demarhest hall), The guy who killed himself had a basement room, which apparently there is onlylike 5 of, but they exist. Depressing, heh? She also said it was the Dean's son.

-mike z