Although the latest Relative Theory Records show was a bit of a let down (to put it lightly) they wrote up an awesome review of Baby Teeth on their website.
-Jarrett D

Screaming Females - Baby Teeth
I am very picky about female singers, and I realize that it is completely unfair. I will excuse many bands with male lead singers who are not very talented because I like the music, but if I hear a lady singing and don’t think she is good I will dismiss the band. In no way is this a sexist move on my part, personally I love ladies and encourage their right to vote, its just that I expect more from girls singing. That being said, one band you will not have to wonder about the vocal structure of their leading lady’s melodies is the Screaming Females.
The name not to be taken too literally (not to be thought of as an overstatement either) describes a three piece rock group that managed to catch the excitement of a live show on a studio recording. The name of the album is Baby Teeth, and it is a must have. The best way to describe the music in the form of words is rock. Lots and lots of rock. Marissa not only sings, but shreds on guitar, think 70’s rock influenced modern power riffs, grooving bass lines, and technical but not over the top drumming. The sound that comes out of this trio is a thing of beauty, and the control Marissa has over her voice is fantastic. If you are a Hampton roads local, you may have heard the band Foxtrot Rio, if their lead singer Jesse were a girl, it would sound like Marissa P.
The band has only been together about a year, and hail from New Brunswick New Jersey, a location that comes through in the style of music they produce. The influence of a big city near by mixing with the personal feel of an outsider creates beautiful tales told through songs that will keep your body moving and your heart racing.
There is really not much else to say about this band. They are good, very good. The album is fantastic, they put on a crazy live show. The music breaks through the cliché categories that have words like ‘post’ or ‘core’, they sound familiar yet unlike anything you have ever heard.
The Screaming Females have a show scheduled for August 26th (Saturday) at Relative Theory Records. It is said that it will be a daytime show. Come on out and take a listen. Nothing to lose, so much to gain.


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