I remember when we first made this blog and it was all exciting, but it seems like not many people are really reading it. So comment more so we know if people are actually interested in what we have to say.

....so anyway, I woke up a couple times last nite after dreaming about awesome basslines and trying to play them, but I can never seem to get them right after waking up and trying....one of these days im gonna dream one of these basslines and then play it correctly and its gonna be awesome.

I'm going back to sleep now.

Peace and Love,


fran said...

I read this blog a lot. It's so I sort of know what Marissa is up to by extension of you two.

bujak said...

i reviewed the show from last night on my livejournal

bujak said...


Gabe said...

I've enjoyed reading this blog. Keep it up.