Fugazi OH MY GOD!!!!

So I watched the Fugazi movie Instrument the other night and I think it changed my life. Everyone should see this movie. I've heard Fugazi records before and they were really cool but nothing that made me want to go out and buy one. But after seeing this movie I realized that they were probably the best live band ever. The exchange between Guy and Ian is amazing. They just play back and forth off of each other in this surreal punk rock jam. It is amazing that this band managed to trick all these hardcore kids into thinking that Fugazi was punk rock. They are more of a jazz funk explosion than any standard punk rock definition. Not to say that they aren't punk because at least a few times in the movie thats what they call themselves. And anything that Ian or Guy call punk, is. It is just so crazy when you look back and The Minutemen and Fugazi were considered punk. Now punk has become such a strict term for a particular type of sound. To these guys, to the originators, punk rock was something different than what it is today. Fugazi were just so powerful live that it was undeniable and people couldn't help but be drawn into it, even if they went into 10 minute space jams. And they let the music totally do the talking. It was strong enough to do it to. Almost no interviews, no merch, just music. I don't think any other band could do it quite the way that Fugazi did.
-Jarrett D

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