So things have run pretty smoothly for Screaming Females over the course of the last year. Little ups and downs. My elbows sucking through the summer and fall was tough on the band. We had a few bummer shows in a row in early winter. A few band squabbles. Besides that it was smooth sailing from August until Maxwells.
We hit a sort of dead end recently. Went from doing a tour this summer to more likely just playing a few random shows outside of NJ. Getting this 7 inch out has been a pain in the ass. Every step has been time consuming and costly. We haven't really been moving in the direction that we were looking to be headed this summer. Oh well. In a few days we will have a much better idea of what our next steps will be. At which point we will have some shows to announce for you all. Don't worry about us; we're just taking some time to breath, recollect, and plan our next moves.
-Jarrett D


Anonymous said...

i heard king mike was addicted to cocaine

Screaming Females said...

no, marissa and jarrett wont let me.
and the law too.
-king mike

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