So the wonderful Billy G. at Sceneless wrote a really great article on us. You can check it out at http://www.sceneless.com/node/172

I hung out with Billy for a while over at Harvest Moon the other night. It was cool talking to him. And I forgive him for not liking Husker Du (imagine the umlauts). I left with a stack of CDs from his bands and friends of his. It is pretty sad that bands have to play the Harvest Moon. Worst space ever to run shows! Oh well, thats New Brunswick for you.

I picked up some required SST records the other day. Minutemen - Double Nickles On The Dime, Husker Du - Zen Arcade, and Husker Du - Flip Your Wig. Amazing! If you don't own these you should get them (that means you too Billy!). I've had Husker's New Day Rising for a while and I couldn't imagine that they could have a better record but Zen Arcade might just beat it. We will have to see. It is still fresh. Zen is crazy tripped out. Those songs sound like drugs.

The Parlor had its first show in a while the other night. The Fun Ghouls made a fabulous return to the stage. I love those guys. Nothing better than watching Cheese do his thing. Also this band from IN, The Alien Dead played. They played fast! Real fucking fast! The bass players hand was a blur for most of the set. I have heard recordings that fast but I've never seen it live. Those guys are punk rock to the core.

So who knows Philly? Find us a show.
-Jarrett D


Billy Meltdown said...

Glad you liked the article ;-)

Yeah, Harvest Moon, weird place to rock. But at least it was packed and the beer is good. Downside is no room to dance, or, well, no room!

You guys might want to give the Rocket Cat Cafe a shot. Small, rad place, Im told, and our noise-art friends Zelda Pinwheel just had a good show there, and they are no acoustic/quiet band.

I'll give zen arcade another shot. i don't think i've ever heard flip your wig. double nickles is The Bomb!

Tonite I'm listening to a band called The Knife. VERY LECTRO, kinda fun so far. Also, I think that naming a song "F as in knife" is very funny.

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