Reasons why I wish I had money

albums (new stuff) that I will one day buy when I have money:
The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control
Metric - Live it Out
Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
The Hold Steady - Seperation Sunday
DFA79 - Remix album
We Are Scientists - We Love and Squalor (maybe, I seem to like them for about 2 mins at a time)
Food (not an album but def missing it)


cathy said...

you don't need food, i heard you're a fatty.

Screaming Females said...

I've heard that you are only allowed to make fun of skinny people for being fat, in which case you have just broken the rules because I am huge.
Come to a show sometime. I don't bite (unless you are a sandwich).

Screaming Females said...

she's too good for us.
she told me herself

reid said...

i heard the dfa remix ablum sucks
but i heard the screaming females remix album is hot shit

Screaming Females said...
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Screaming Females said...

I heard that someone did a mashup of our song Electric Pilgrim and some Nas song. I haven't heard it yet. (This is true, really!)

Anonymous said...

I love Sufjan Stevens and Illinoise. I also love Marissa, although the last time I saw her was Christmas.

She gets mad at me because I never send her emails, but she never sends me emails either.

We are such good cousins!

-"Little" Fran (I'm actually taller than she is, but the nickname stuck.)