So Arthouse was a pretty big disappointment. No fault to the people who were running things, of course. New Brunswick has zero legal outlet for music. I mean you could always run a show at The Court, with only people 21+, cover charge, 3 bands that don't sound a thing alike, etc. Oh well, I hope everybody shows up to the album release on the 17th.

What to do for March? I have been so focused on Feb. with the album release and Trash Bar that I haven't really planned anything for March. We have gotten a few offers for shows but nothing that stands out. Always want to be moving forward, never back. Post any suggestions.

Buttons came in. They look really cool. You have a dollar, I have a pin, lets trade.

Popped the English Brown Ale this weekend. Very good. Will be much better next weekend. Not the best that I've done but a worthy brew nontheless. Ask me for a taste or instructions on making your own beer. I gladly answer all questions.

SK's Dig Me Out is one of the best damned albums ever made. So raw. I make rock n roll.

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