Colin is currently performing a most amazing version of DMX's Ruff Ryders Anthem. Ask him about it so time. I know it is one of Marissa's favs but I don't think she has yet to hear Colin's rendition.
Partied in BK over the weekend. It was okay. The Eisenhower boys threw a pretty wild Mardi Gras party. There were a bunch of people there. I didn't really talk to any of them save this really drunk girl that got all up on my shite at one point and tried to make me promise that she could produce my next album (she's never heard the band). I was going to makeout with her even though I was standing basically shoulder to shoulder with some friends but her friend dragged her away somewhere. Oh well, no big loss there. Someone there had a Chrome bag so I asked them about it. They let me put it on and kept telling me how amazing they are. It was pretty fucking awesome but not everything I had imagined. Makes me think that I will more likely get one of the Reload bags. All custom shit, handmade out of Philly. I also briefly talked to some kid waiting for the bathroom. He later tried to pee on the floor.

Plastic East played a set and killed it as always. Played a bunch of stuff off "The Radio Friendly..." They are still the most amazing live band.
Someone asked me today what the deal with this blog is. Well, I often get bored and tool around on the internet. I find and read peoples blogs and look at there myspace accounts. So I write this blog in hopes that it might provide some mild form of entertainment for someone out there. I also have the thought that maybe someone cares a little about what I am thinking/doing.


Anonymous said...

Screaming Females are better

fuck plastic east.

Gutz said...

jarret, u are MY hero. u create, and what u create makes people happy....and also into aggressive drunken mobs, apparently.