The New Year

So we have a lot going on in this new year of 2006.
We have a website up over at screamingfemales.com, finally.
We have our debut album being released on Feb. 17th. Its called "Baby Teeth." It was written, recorded, and produced by us. It was mastered by Alan Douches (thats pronounced doh-chis) at West West Side. That man is awesome.
We took band pictures today, so those should be ready soon. The media will then be able to see our lovely faces, along with hearing our music.
We have a few new songs in the works. Always writing, never resting. ("thats not true," kingmike.)
We have some buttons coming in. Design by the lovely Marissa Pee, of course.
There should be some new t-shirts ready for the release as the old shirts are almost gone. And once they're gone, they're gone. The new shirts are new designs and new colors. So all of you that got-a-hold of the baby blue/orange shark shirts, you own a collector's item. Lucky you. I expect to see some up on ebay real soon. Starting bid: $100.
My bicycle is almost done.
If y'all know anyone that loves to rock, that is outside of the NJ/NYC area that wants to put on a show give us a holla at screamingfemales@hotmail.com.

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