Throughout this whole chronic pain escapade, I've had a hard time accepting that there isn't gonna be a quick fix for my aches. Even though I know that there isn't a magic pill that will "cure" my condition, it's hard for me not to wish for a different scenario. Here is a brief comic about just that:

PS. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words and helpful tips! XOXO

PPS. Sorry I spelled "Rheumatology" wrong in the last comic, that shit is hard to spell.


Jarrett's Update

Whereas last year was easily the most financially successful year of my adult life, 2012 has forced me to constantly worry about money. When Marissa’s illness caused us to cancel the remainder of our shows for the year, I was forced to look for another job immediately upon returning home. I found an interesting opportunity within a few days, which would have me working in the upholstery department of an incredibly high-end furniture manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA. I got the job off of a few home projects I’ve completed, including sewing projects and my toilet sink (picture below). I was excited at having the opportunity to learn a trade with my time off from Screaming Females.

Quickly the job took over the entirety of my life. Factoring in both commute time and work hours, I was away from home for well over 12 hours a day Monday through Friday. One co-worker told me early on, “This job is the definition of a grind.” Pulling raw twine and leather thread for eight hours a day was starting to take a toll on my hands. Sores and wounds started to open up on my fingers. In the mornings I would awake to stiffness and incredible pain in my fingers and palms. I started to worry about the long-term effects with regards to my ability to hold and manipulate drums sticks effectively. A fellow worker smashed his hand in the elevator door. We would need surgery and many metal plates to piece it back together. I started having nightmares that I would accidentally ruin my hands while working and force a permanent end to Screaming Females.

Then Hurricane Sandy struck NYC. The furniture company sells all of their products out of one store front in SoHo. Apparently their clientele (aka the 1%) had just up and left New York, going to other homes and apartments around the world until the City was put back together. Their sales hit an unexpected seasonal low and I promptly got laid off. I’m starting a new job as a part-time prep cook tomorrow. Hopefully this one lasts for more than a month.


An Update From Marissa

Dear Friends, Here is a very brief run down of where I stand right now as far as my health is concerned. I am doing my very best to get back into tip-top shape as quickly as possible so that we can return to the touring circuit that I already miss so much. Even though I'm not in any shape to get back in the van, we've been writing some new songs and I feel confident that I will be ready to get back on the road sooner rather than later. Thank you for all of the get well wishes and for your patience!

Also, please note that the following is a very cursory overview of what has been going on and I can assure you that a lot more has happened in the past month but it'd simply be too much for me to sketch right now!


Late pictures from Garbage tour

These are long overdue!