Hey everybody. So we here at Screaming Females Inc. have been taking a few days to get our lives in order. I have started my new full time job over at the Cook Student Organic Farm, which rocks! The work is super tough but fulfilling. Marissa is back in Union but seems to end up in New Bruns almost every day anyway. She's getting a job or something. A bunch of people are moving in and out of Ray St but it will continue to be Scremales headquarters. So we have some AWESOME shows coming up.

Knitting Factory (Old Office)
Sunday July 16
New York, NY
$8 7:00 pm
w/ The Pharmacy (Seattle) and Pink Meat (Sam West of Plastic East's other band)
Our first Manhattan show. This room only holds 100 people so this show will probably sell out! I have been suggesting that people buy tickets online to make sure you can get in. http://www.knittingfactory.com/calendar.php?date=2006-07-16
The Pharmacy is super awesome! Check them out at http://myspace.com/pharmacy

Wed June 21
Chapel Hill, NC
$6 9:00 pm
w/ Tiger Thief (formerly Iconic), Devin Davis

Hard Bean Underground (600 S. Penn Ave)
Sat July 1
Reading, PA
$8 6:30 pm
w/ making it right, razmig, perfuma, faded promises, beautiful orange aqueduct

We are working hard at putting together a eral tour for Auguat. We will see what happens.
-Jarrett D


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xo mark

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